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A recruitment agent in Bangladesh recently told FWC that he thinks of himself as a ‘Human Resources Broker’ providing an essential service to overseas factories and a welcome leg-up the socioeconimic ladder for national workers with few opportunities at home. What the migrant labor matchmaker fails to mention is that he charges illegal and outlandish fees to gullible applicants – up to a year’s salary in most cases. His preferred ‘broker’ mantel is unwittingly telling; an individual who leaves vulnerable workers broke.

Work overseas for three years and make up to seven times more money than I can make at home? Jumped at the chance, of course! I’ll miss my family, but the sacrifice seems worth it.

Hopefully next year I’ll be able to send money home to my children, once I’ve repaid the loan to pay the agent. I feel marooned.
Recruitment fees quietly extorted from migrant workers create de facto bond labor. Thousands of migrants spend their first year or more working away from home, not on behalf of the families they leave behind, but for the financial benefit of unscrupulous agents. Join FWC in our drive to protect honest grafters from dishonest grifters.

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