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An audit in Latin America revealed a terrific little company that really looks after its people well. An early morning start, however, meant that female employees routinely passed on foot by a local shebeen en route to work – precisely at the hour when rowdy male revelers spilled through its closing doors to disturb an otherwise peaceful dawn. The verbal harassment suffered by these hardworking women, always sexual in nature, had become a frightening part of their daily routines.

Here we go again, girls; all-night drunks and their filthy talk. Heads down and hopefully we’ll get by without incident and be safely on our way.
Morning, driver. Many town drunks on the streets this morning ?
We don’t just talk to workers, we listen to them and give them a voice. At our suggestion, the company immediately agreed to provide a no-cost minibus service, collecting female workers at their doorsteps and bringing them – comfortable, safe and harassment-free – to work every morning.

Another pragmatic FWC-driven change that has made a meaningful difference to real working people.

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